Achieving Your Clinical & Financial Goals with Rental Solution

Every hospital, clinics & surgeons faces an impossible task that is simultaneously improving surgical care, reducing capital costs and elevating patient experiences. Working harder or faster isn’t the answer. You need a new, connected and highly agile approach — Equipment Rental Solution at Lasorent.

Benefits of Rental

When you rent from Lasorent, you’ll take advantage of many benefits of equipment rentals for improving your bottom line.

Access to the Latest Technology

Gain access to the newest equipment with the latest built-in technology that matches your specialised requirement and makes your surgery easier, safer and faster.

Strong Competitive Edge

Equipment rental can increase business opportunity with reduced operating expense and shift the barrier of small clinics and surgeons to procure a diverse range of newest advanced laser technology just like the most renowned hospitals own.

Reduce Patient Risk

Support better patient outcomes by optimizing time-to-treatment and reducing medical error with our best-in-class laser equipment and expert team available during the surgery.

Control Capital and Rental Costs

You can save on upfront costs and expand your medical offerings by not having a large chunk of money tied up in a piece of capital equipment with our customised rental programs.

Eliminates responsibility of Testing, Maintenance & Service

As all repair and servicing are done in-house by the expert technicians, this will help you avoid owning capital asset that has additional costs to extend the equipment’s life cycle.

No Storage or Transportation Issues

Renting equipment provides a huge benefit in keeping overhead costs low, including reducing the need for storage space, insurance, security, transportation and monitoring. When you rent equipment, you return it when you’re done.

Reduce Administrative Burden

We are happy to work with you to find specific rental solutions that fit in the task of providing trained staff, on-demand resources, completion schedules and budget needs.