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Dr. Oppel Radio Frequency Generator

Dr. Oppel Radio Frequency Generator

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Dr. Oppel Radio Frequency Generator



What is the 4MHz Radio Frequency Surgical Unit?

Dr.Oppel’s electrode is not being heated by itself. Electrode lets the cellular tissue produce the joule heat, and operates hemostasis, cutting, and coagulation, 4MHz radio frequency makes possible precise cutting and deep coagulation even in blood. There is no carbonization and damages to the surrounding cellular tissue by electric spark, and the safety secured. Specially developed various Bipolar and Monopolar electrodes for OB/GYN,PS/DER, Urology has outstanding performance in Micro Surgery by their excellent output time function.

Cause of residue and relapse of columnar epithelium in erosion cure

Since there are lots of unexpected cases when nabothian cysts are deeply formed in a patient’s cervix, even though columnar epithelium is defected with drug, cauterization, and cryosurgery, the perfect cure is said to be hard due to the difficulty of ingression of squamous epithelium resulting in insufficient removal of columnar epithelium. For perfect removal of erosion, 5mm depth of coagulation is needed.

What is RF coagulation?

It’s a way of coagulation necrosis to the 5mm depth of tissue, when the radio frequency current flows from electrode, passing tissue, to the patient plate, by producing joule heat on the tissue itself close to electrode. It’s very hard to make necrosis with cauterization or cryosurgery because no deep coagulation is capable.
However, coagulation necrosis is perfectly achieved in the coagulation with radio
frequency current because electrode lets the tissue itself produce joule heat.


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