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Micro Rectocam

Micro Rectocam

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Micro Rectocam



• An HD Wi-Fi/USB video unit with C-mount allowing acquisition
and digitalization of images taken with tablet, smartphone
and PC through dedicated App and Software.
• An F15-25 C-mount lenses with quick-clutch connection.
• A C-mount spacer ring.
• Software Micro Rectocam Wi Fi for Windows

Acquisition and storage of images and videos during a diagnostic and surgical activity is a practice
which became more and more popular in the last few years. Thanks to the development of dedicated technologies, it is now an operative standard the possibility to examine the pathological situation of a single patient and to evaluate the most suitable therapeutic approach, deliberating with department colleagues or with specialized centers elsewhere. At the same time, production of scientific evidences intended not only for the research or for the didactics but also for the elaboration of medical/legal support made the presence of advance IT video instruments extremely necessary.

With this mind, Micro Rectocam Wi-Fi is a portable digital system for HD video magnifying whose technical and ergonomic have been optimized for its usage in the medical field and in particular, for the study of the anal-rectal mucosa in procedures like HRA (High Resolution Anoscopy). But this is not it. Its compact dimensions, the possibility to visualize images on a smartphone through a dedicated free app and the highly reduced costs, make Micro Rectocam Wi-Fi a solution available to all the specialists willing to offer a complete service to their patients, anytime.

For its usage in Proctology (for examples HRA), the system can be connected to Sapi Med anoscopes through
their specific single use adapter equipped with openings on the flange allowing trans-endoscopic devices (like
biopsy forceps) to be inserted in without the necessity to unhook the camera body and observing the maneuvers
on the display/screen of smartphone, tablet or PC. A specific single use adapter is available also for usage with Sapi Med proctoscopes and rectoscopes. Single use adapters allow to fit all Sapi Med standard anoscopes or
Self-LED-light (recommended) and all those Sapi Med proctoscopes/rectoscopes with handle REF A.4131 up to
20 cm long.


• REF A.4001 for Sapi Med anoscopes
• REF A.4002 for Sapi Med proctoscopes/rectoscopes


• Sapi Med specific anoscope, REF A.4026 or A.4026L
Single use biopsy forceps with thumb-ring handle REF F.
STE1500 or in alternative single use biopsy forceps with
surgery handle REF F:STE1512


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